Creative Ideas to re-use old plastic bottles


The most inspiring part of recycling project is that they are always awesome, especially when converting the trash into something useful. If you’re a fan of sustainable design then you’ve landed the right place.

Plastic bottles are among the most waste products that are numerous on the planet. The issue is just compound by the fact that they aren’t biodegradable.

Nevertheless, there are lots of methods help save the environment along the way and to recycle plastic bottles. There are many cool ways to re-use the plastic bottles instead of throwing them as a waste material.

You can use them in various interesting home decorations such as vegetable or herb container, curtains or room dividers, Chandelier, Jewelry Stand and so on. Only a little time and a pair of scissors are required for many of these handmade decors.

Morph them into organizational assistance or enchanting containers. Transform them into vases and garden planters. They are able to be used in numerous household hacks.

The PET plastic is a fairly useful material, and most of the plastic beverage bottles are made of it. It’s flexible, resilient, transparent and food safe.

The use of plastic drinks bottles in your designs is always much more challenging, as you’re supposed to use and existing shape and material in this regard.

Here we’re going to share a few helpful ideas with you that you can employ to recycle your wasted plastic bottles.

1:-A Unique Car Shade:

Unique Car Shade

This is an idea that will be more exciting for cars lovers. Every car lover wants something unique for his car. So why not apply something that isn’t occupied by anyone else. You’ll never find such a unique idea in your surroundings. And if you apply this idea to your car’s shade then you’ll be the apple of people’s eye with a unique car shade in your surroundings.

2:- Inspiring Children:

Inspiring Children

This is another useful idea that you can use to inspire your children by building a new habit of keeping things in their proper places. Children are always amused by watching such kind of recycling.

3:- Household containers:

Household containers

Wow! This is really amazing. If you’re a housewife then this idea is definitely for you. Turn your plastic bottles into containers for different kind of households. It will help you keep everything in a proper manner without spending any money. Thus you’ll never lose a household item again.

4:- DIY Planters:

DIY Planters

This idea is occupied by many people around the globe because it’s very simple and easy to apply.

All you need to do is grab an idea and apply it to your old plastic bottles and bring enormous changes to them.