10 ideas and projects for gifts made with plastic

gifts made with plastic

They say it’s the thought that counts and they couldn’t be more right. Gifts that were once seen as luxury items are now everyday gadgets and in an age where if you want something you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to have it delivered the next day or even within the hour (if you live in the right part of town). So why not think outside of the box for your next round of gifts, why not spend sometime making your own; our houses are filled with an abundance of materials that can be recycled, borrowed or transformed into lovely little keepsakes. Who doesn’t like a homemade present? Knowing that the giver has lovingly spent time and energy to craft something special just for you is a wonderful feeling. But if that present is made from recycled materials, well that is even better.

Creating things with your hands is a time old tradition, a wonderful distraction from the stresses and strains of modern living. Creating something from scratch gives one an immense feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. A new study has shown that doing hobbies such as arts and crafts is likely to slow the development of memory problems. So why don’t you unwind, step away from all the hustle and bustle and emerge the other side a happier, refreshed you? If you have small children they are just going to love helping you make things, not only do they get to be creative, but it actually stimulates their coordination, is a wonderful self esteem booster and an easy way to make that bond between you even stronger.

To start you off we’ve come up with 10 gift ideas that can be made out of plastic (who doesn’t have empty soda or fizzy water bottles waiting to be recycled?

  1. You can turn a plastic bottle into a flower pot link.
  2. With a zipper sewn on a old fizzy pop bottle can become a unique pencil case link.
  3. A special little present holder link.
  4. A plastic bottle can become a bird feeder link.
  5. A flower vase link.
  6. A feathery winter lantern made from recycled yoghurt pots link.
  7. A plastic shopping bag link.
  8. A candle holder link.
  9. A jewellery stand link.
  10. A sci-fi rocket jet pack link.

If you enjoyed creating these or you want to make something out of another material there are so many ideas out there, the choices are limitless!