10 ideas and projects for gifts made with plastic

They say it’s the thought that counts and they couldn’t be more right. Gifts that were once seen as luxury items are now everyday gadgets and in an age where if you want something you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to have it delivered the next day or even within the hour (if you live in the right part of town). So why not think outside of the box for your next round of gifts, why not spend sometime making your own; our houses are filled with an abundance of materials that can be recycled, borrowed or transformed into lovely little keepsakes. Who doesn’t like a homemade present? Knowing that the giver has lovingly spent time and energy to craft something special just for you is a wonderful feeling. But if that present is made from recycled materials, well that is even better. Continue reading “10 ideas and projects for gifts made with plastic”

Creative Ideas to re-use old plastic bottles

The most inspiring part of recycling project is that they are always awesome, especially when converting the trash into something useful. If you’re a fan of sustainable design then you’ve landed the right place.

Plastic bottles are among the most waste products that are numerous on the planet. The issue is just compound by the fact that they aren’t biodegradable.

Nevertheless, there are lots of methods help save the environment along the way and to recycle plastic bottles. There are many cool ways to re-use the plastic bottles instead of throwing them as a waste material. Continue reading “Creative Ideas to re-use old plastic bottles”

Mind-blowing facts about plastic

Plastic is everywhere. The truth is, you’re likely never more than a meter away from something made with this stuff. Super springy, flexible and watertight, plastic is in all the shapes in your house, your cell phone, your computer keyboard, your bag, your mobile phone, your closest wall sign and your toilet fittings etc. Basically, it’s one of the most extensively produced substances across the world and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Plastics are stuff that is amazing. They have been manmade like some natural materials do and tend not to spoil. Now it’s among our stuff that is most useful and adaptable. There are numerous different types of plastics, in a wide range of colors that are different, and with a wide range of properties that are different, from strong and powerful to soft and flexible. Most plastics meltdown when they have not been cool, so they cannot be difficult to mold into any shape. This makes them exceptionally flexible and quite useful. Continue reading “Mind-blowing facts about plastic”